It’s All About the Process

“Some days I feel lean & then I hop on the scales and feel like a Rhino"

Is it really all about your weight?

Growing up, I never thought of using a scale. We never had one in the house. It wasn’t until I hit my freshman year of college and gained the freshman 20lbs that I discovered the scale. My emotional rollercoaster began. The frustration, angst, anger..etc…My diet was not only terrible, but my sleep was minimal. I picked up bad habits that weren’t working for me and the scale showed it all.

Don’t wait until you get to the destination to realize it was all about the journey.

I’m not opposed to using the scale, entirely. As a personal trainer, I always weigh my clients and run a body comp at the first session. Then we “check-in” in 2-3 months. This holds us both accountable. Nonetheless, there’s always the few that weigh themselves on a daily basis and they get discouraged. In 2-3 months, they quit. Yes, it’s about goals, but more importantly it’s about the journey. The process. So be patient.

If you’ve enjoyed the process, you’ve already won.

It’s common for your weight to fluctuate. It’s supposed to. With water retention, menstrual cycles and hormones…etc. Some days our body craves more food, while other days you bloat. It’s ok.

If you do it because you love it, you can’t fail.

It took me having a baby at 28 yrs old, to reassess what my body means to me and how I should feel about it. I couldn’t run anymore, so I needed to discover other avenues. I did it all: barre, spinning, bodybuilding, yoga…until finally, I learned to enjoy the process. It took me 3-4 months and I finally enjoyed working out again and discovered what workouts worked for me. It reminded me why I played sports all those years. I cared more about how I felt after a work out and how my clothes fit, then what I did or didn’t look like. More importantly, it made me a better mother…a better human.

Which is what led me to what I do now and I why I love it so much. I want all of you to feel this way…confident, amazing and sexy as hell in your own body. I want you to be your absolute BEST SELF.

That’s what really matters.

Not a piece of plastic.

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