4 Reasons to Love Your Body

I've had years of body shaming under my belt

In my 20’s, I was in the worst shape of my life, which resulted in low self esteem and depression.  It wasn’t necessarily my weight gain that provoked this, but more so my lifestyle which contributed to it. I lived off of beer, chicken wings, sandwiches and pizza and was the life of the party (imagine that..haha). It wasn’t until I was 28 and pregnant, that I started to care more about my health and mental well-being. I worked more on myself and wouldn’t you know, I was felt good again. I will never do that to my body again.

Real Change Takes Time

I loved my body during pregnancy and mostly after. I gained 30 lbs and was truly ok with that. I knew that my body wouldn’t bounce back and understood that it takes time, but it was still tough even though I’ve been down this road before. I think the hardest part was jumping back into exercise and realizing that my body couldn’t do one single push up. As for my vanity, some days I definitely felt insecure; especially after Andrea and I’s first photo shoot. Andrea made me feel really good afterwards and told me to stop shaming myself. We all need that someone to set us straight.

Baby and mom

4 Reasons Why You May Be Unhappy In Your Own Body:

1. I want to look like I did when I was _______.
2. I want to look like her/him..
3. When I feel this, I eat more.
4. It’s been a month and still no change.


1.  If you’re not like me and liked how you looked in your 20’s….Find your new prime. Embrace where you’re at now and accept the body you have. Sure, we can work on improving it, but we can’t go back. Instead, be the best shape in your life now. 

2. You will never look like the “it” someone you admire, because you aren’t her/him. You are a unique unicorn. Celebrate the assets you have. We all have parts of ourselves that others want, so start celebrating them. I want thick wavy hair, so instead I keep my thin, stringy hair short. Work with what you’ve got;)

3. Change your mindset. Put the cookie down and don’t fall into the self-pity. Go on a walk instead. When you feel down about anything in life, don’t sulk, but get out and exercise it out. Better yet, meditate, do yoga or journal.

4. Great change takes time. Having a career takes time. Being a good parent takes time. Learning your craft takes time. It’s been 10 years and I’m still working on getting Andrea’s six pack!

It's a journey, not the end game.

I know I say this a lot, but you really need to enjoy the process and stop focusing on the end results. Make your goals small and attainable. Remembers, yearly fluctuations happen and are completely normal. Just don’t let a couple of weeks turn into a couple of months.

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